how to install windows 10 from phone to pc

Using a generic key can be helpful if you wanted to install or upgrade to a specific Windows 10 edition for evaluation or testing on a PC. Use the same Microsoft account you sign into your Windows 10 PC with.

How To Install Windows 10 From Android Make Tech Easier Window Installation Android Smartphone Windows 10 Operating System

Link your phone and PC to unlock a variety of cross-device experiences.

. Default keys for Windows 10 from Microsoft will allow you to install or upgrade to a specific Windows 10 edition you want but will not activate it. You can also tap Continue later to get a notification on all your PCs allowing you to open the Action. If Windows 10 Pro clicktap.

Install the app on your phone. List of Generic Product Keys to Install Windows 10 Editions Generic keys aka. A Perform one of the following actions depending on which Windows 10 edition you are installing.

If Windows 10 Home type the bogus phone number 1234567890 into the phoneemail address field clicktap on Next clicktap on the Offline account link at the bottom left of the Confirm your phone number screen. Once youve signed in youll see a list of all the PCs linked with your Microsoft account. Depending on what kind of mobile phone you have the Your Phone app on Windows 10 lets you.

Your Phone is a Windows 10 app that helps you make the most of your PC and mobile phone. Tap the name of a PC to send the link there immediately. Android and iPhone See recent photos from your phone on your PC.

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How To Install Windows 10 On Your Pc Window Installation Installation Windows

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